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Strategies for Preventing and Treating Cancer


by Janice Polansky, MS, MBA


Your strategy in preventing and treating cancer should include enhancing your bodyís own cancer defenses and immune system, favoring growth of normal cells over malignant cells, and maximizing your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Essential components of cancer prevention and treatment programs include nutrition, lifestyle changes, physical activity, relaxation, and recreation. We also need to reduce stress, eliminate toxicity, effectively deal with trauma, love ourselves, develop our spirituality, and have healthy, loving relationships that provide emotional support.

Complementary medicine can strengthen your immune system, reduce pain, manage illness, and support healing. These therapies include nutrition, herbs, supplements, enzymes, exercise, relaxation, stress management, meditation, visualization, energy medicine, prayer, adjunctive treatments, and immune, biologic, pharmacologic, and metabolic therapies. These therapies are used in treating cancer in Europe, Asia, Canada and Mexico. William Fair, MD, Chief of Urologic Surgery at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, recommends every oncologist recognize the importance of diet, nutritional supplementation, physical activity, stress reduction, social and spiritual support, and non-pharmacological therapies as vital parts of cancer treatment.

Complementary medicine practitioners serve a different role than a conventional medical doctor. Instead of only receiving treatments, you need to actively engage in your healing process. Many complementary practitioners provide guidance and support in helping you to change your life. They serve as mirrors to help you see what you need to change in your life and share their wisdom from how they have learned to live and heal their lives. You use their support and guidance to empower yourself to change your own life. We are all on a healing journey, learning from the truths of those ahead of us on their path in healing their own lives.

Being open to new views of cancer and illness provides an opportunity to evaluate the strengths and limitations of all possible treatments. We need to understand proposed therapies and consider their effectiveness, toxicity, side effects, and quality of life prognosis. Each type of cancer has different treatment protocols. A different course of treatment may work better at different stages of cancer. If we detect cancer at an early stage, we may use complementary therapies to support and monitor our bodyís healing response, using conventional medicine only in later, more advanced stages of cancer. 

A truly comprehensive, effective, caring approach to cancer requires more than eliminating physical symptoms of illness and extending life. We must include healing our mind, body and spirit, improving the quality of our life, and expanding our life by finding its meaning and purpose.


Janice Polansky, MBA, MS, works with individuals who want to live a joyful, effective, peaceful life with optimum health. She helps individuals to make healthier food and lifestyle choices and increase self awareness to create healthier, more balanced, and fulfilling lives. Jan combines holistic, natural, Oriental understandings with Western, scientific approaches to health and healing to bring you a unique perspective for understanding how to improve your health and life. Jan has a background in health, natural foods, enzymes, herbs, energy medicine, macrobiotics, essential oils and Oriental medicine. She is certified in enzyme therapy with the Loomis Institute and has studied at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Healing, Himalayan Institute, Vega Center, Kushi Institute and Ann Wigmore Institute. She has a bachelor degree in chemistry and masters degrees in systems analysis and business from Carnegie Mellon University. Janice is a naturopath, Reiki master, and founder of Personal Health Dynamics. Jan provides seminars and consultations based on integrative medicine for individuals and companies to support to a healthier life and way of eating. For information, contact Personal Health Dynamics at 412-492-0767 or Jan@PersonalHealthDynamics.com.



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