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              Janice Polansky, MS, MBA

              Founder & President,

              Personal Health Dynamics


Janice Polansky, MS, MBA  is a naturopath and holistic health counselor. Janice developed her wholistic approach to healthy living through personal life experience. Living a very competitive, stressful life brought Janice outward success in the corporate and academic world. However she felt empty and numb inside, asking herself, “Is this all there is?”. Then a series of health, career, and personal crises forced her to look deep inside to answer that question. In healing and transforming her life, she has embraced various modalities of wholistic living. Many of the lessons she learned in finding peace and joy in a more balanced, harmonious way of living can help you to create your tomorrows. 

Janice now helps individuals increase their awareness of the effect their life choices have on their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and use this understanding to create healthier, more balanced lives. Through personal consultations, she has helped individuals improve their physical health, calm their mental and emotional turmoil, and live more productive, balanced and joyful lives. 

Jan has studied many natural, holistic healing methods based on her belief that we are blessed with more than one way to support our body's natural ability to heal. In addition to understanding how these modalities work, Jan searches to determine what the various approaches have in common and when they are most effective. From her work and research, Jan believes to realize optimum health we need to:

·        create a foundation for health with our body's biochemistry through a healing diet

·        improve digestion and elimination

·        strengthen our immune system

·        resolve and release painful emotions

·        create healthy relationships

·        reduce exposure to harmful and toxic substances and relationships

·        create a supportive, healing environment

·        keep fit and active through movement (walking, sports, tai chi, yoga, Pilates, etc)

·        detoxify to eliminate built up toxins and waste

·        have purpose and meaning in our lives

·        live according to our personal values

·        love, forgive, and respect ourselves, others and all life

·        have fun, joy, beauty and pleasure in our life

·        recreate ourselves through hobbies, vacations, personal interests, quiet time for reflection, being in touch with nature

·       develop our spirituality

At times additional support from enzymes, herbs, essential oils, supplements, flower essences, energy therapies, and other holistic therapies may be needed to overcome deficiencies and improve our body's functions.

Janice shares her passion for natural healing modalities and botanical wisdom in wellness programs supporting lifestyle changes for improved health that are effective for weight loss, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, respiratory, cardiac and digestive illnesses. Through personal consultations, Janice has helped clients with respiratory and sinus problems, digestive problems, heart and circulatory problems, cancer, diabetes, painful muscles and joints, arthritis, and other chronic, degenerative illnesses.

She has extensive experience in using holistic modalities with respiratory and cardiac problems from helping her Mother who had tuberculosis before Janice was born and her Father who had two heart attacks and a quadruple bypass before Janice started her holistic work. She worked directly with doctors helping her Mother through respiratory failure, managing her medications, implementing holistic therapies (including while her Mother was hospitalized), and getting her Mother off a feeding tube after four months and a ventilator after seven months. Her Mother's pulmonologist said modern medicine had nothing that could accomplish the results and quality of life that her Mother realized through natural modalities.

A graduate of Carnegie Mellon University, Janice has a bachelor of science degree in Chemistry, a masters degree in business (MBA), and a masters degree in systems analysis from electrical engineering. Janice is a naturopath, Reiki master teacher, certified in Enzyme Therapy with the Loomis Institute, and has extensively studied healing foods, macrobiotics, enzymes, essential oils, herbs, oriental medicine, flower essences, and energy therapies.  Learn more about Janice's education.

Jan has appeared on television and radio shows, has presented health and wellness seminars for international conferences, organizations and businesses, and introduced wholistic health to hospitals and the medical community. Her articles have appeared in many publications including Holistic Health Journal, Women’s Voice, Point of Light, Successful Women, and Dynamic Business.  Janice is a member of National Speakers Association, Pennsylvania Speakers Association, and Pennsylvania Small Business.

Janice provides understanding of holistic modalities and their effective, appropriate use in supporting the healing process and your well being. Her warmth, candor, authenticity, and humor enable her to gain confidence and trust. Find out how she can help you realize optimum health by calling Jan to discuss your situation, schedule an appointment or register for a class.

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