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Creating Your Tomorrows

Through Conscious Living


by Janice Polansky, MS, MBA


What happens between our dreams and vision of a happy, fulfilling life and the reality of what our life actually becomes? Daily choices, often unconsciously made. Do you care enough to give yourself the best life?


We are often unaware of the impact of each thought we have, action we take, and choice we make. Thoughts and actions become habits and ways of living over time. Unconscious living takes us down roads we never intend to travel, becoming someone we donít want to be, living lives filled with pain, fear, and poverty instead of peace, happiness, and abundance. 


No one hopes and dreams of a future filled with turmoil, frustration, fear, unhappiness, anger, pain, and illness. Bill Clinton wanted to be an effective, good president. However his poor choices had incredibly high costs and negative consequences. Just as our choices do.


Conscious living involves being aware of the power and impact of our beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions. Then actively choosing beliefs, thoughts, feelings, and actions that are for our highest good in the long run. Conscious living is not merely accepting unexamined opinions, values, and beliefs of our families, friends, and society  Ė  nor blaming the past or others. It is being responsible for ourselves, facing and living through our pain instead of running, denying, or numbing ourselves to avoid it.


Dean Ornish, MD found heart disease patients knew smoking cigarettes and diets filled with sugar and fat were harmful. However they didnít know how to get through the day without these ways of coping with pain filled lives.


Exercise, healthy diet, and positive thoughts and emotions extend life, reduce disease, and create the best quality of life. Food, exercise, our environment, and chemicals to which we expose ourselves affect our mood and bodyís chemistry. This in turn affects our ability to think clearly, focus our thoughts, use good judgment, and how aggressive we feel and act. Sherry Rogers, MD indicates food and toxic chemical overloads change our body chemistry, causing passive, even victim behavior or verbal and physical abusiveness as well as disease.


Give yourself the gift of conscious living for three weeks. Donít change your normal behavior the first week. Just become consciously aware of your thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations Ė and the choices you made that created your experience. How do you feel with each experience of your week? Become aware of every time you have a negative or self critical thought. How do you feel after watching television, skipping meals, or eating a fast food, coffee, fat, and sugar?  Donít judge, just notice.


Next week consciously choose the best alternative for your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Then be fully aware of and savor your experience, including your thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and how you feel about yourself.


For the third week, stretch to consciously live the best life you can possibly imagine, doing what is best for you even if it is inconvenient, uncomfortable, or requires extra time or effort. Give yourself permission to take time to take care of yourself. Cook and eat healthy meals. Breathe deeply. Walk, relax, reflect, meditate, and read. Listen to soothing, calming, uplifting music. Watch sunsets, kiss and hug your loved ones, and tell them you love them. Donít complain Ė correct the problem or ignore it. Choose your thoughts and feelings. Live with integrity, only speaking the truth, with actions consistent with your beliefs and values. Then be aware Ė carefully observe your thoughts, feelings, physical sensations, and how you feel about yourself.


We know deep inside if what we do is right for us. After these three weeks, take time to look at what happened in your experience and be clear about it. Examine your life and choices. Are you consciously living and creating the life you want? Or is your life so fast paced, pain filled, feel out of control, or oriented to pleasing others that you arenít taking care of yourself?


Where are you going in your life? What you focus on magnifies in your life. Create a better life by consciously choosing your actions, thoughts, and feelings. Learn about the results of your choices in food, behavior, thoughts, and feelings. Youíll be amazed and delighted with the tomorrow you create when you consciously live your best today.


Janice Polansky, MBA, MS, works with individuals who want to live a joyful, effective, peaceful life with optimum health. She helps individuals to make healthier food and lifestyle choices and increase self awareness to create healthier, more balanced, and fulfilling lives. Jan combines holistic, natural, Oriental understandings with Western, scientific approaches to health and healing to bring you a unique perspective for understanding how to improve your health and life. Jan has a background in health, natural foods, enzymes, herbs, energy medicine, macrobiotics, essential oils and Oriental medicine. She is certified in enzyme therapy with the Loomis Institute and has studied at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Healing, Himalayan Institute, Vega Center, Kushi Institute and Ann Wigmore Institute. She has a bachelor degree in chemistry and masters degrees in systems analysis and business from Carnegie Mellon University. Janice is a naturopath, Reiki master, and founder of Personal Health Dynamics. Jan provides seminars and consultations based on integrative medicine for individuals and companies to support to a healthier life and way of eating. For information, contact Personal Health Dynamics at 412-492-0767 or Jan@PersonalHealthDynamics.com.



© Copyright  1998  Janice M. Polansky  Personal Health Dynamics


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