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Are We Ready for A New Way

to Prevent and Treat Cancer ?


by Janice Polansky, MS, MBA


Cancer is a call to regenerate life that is out of balance. Curing cancer by eliminating physical symptoms is too small a goal. We need to heal the whole person, not just physical symptoms of disease. Conventional medicine’s focus on treating physical symptoms has had limited effectiveness in curing cancer. Complementary medicine treats cancer by focusing on healing the mind, body and spirit, with the goal of extending and improving quality of life. We need to integrate these approaches. 

Cancer is a complex disease with no easy answers. Creating a new way of viewing and treating cancer was the focus of landmark conferences, “Comprehensive Cancer Care: Integrating Complementary and Alternative Therapies”, that I have attended in Washington, DC.  Oncologists, researchers, complementary medicine practitioners, legislators, and cancer patients and survivors scientifically explored complementary medicine therapies and how integrating them with conventional medicine can provide more effective ways to prevent and treat cancer. 

An imbalance creates disease. Treating symptoms but not addressing the imbalance leads to recurrence of illness. Conventional medicine removes tumors with surgery and kills cancer cells with chemotherapy and radiation.  This addresses life threatening physical imbalances and can provide more time for healing. However these treatments do not address the underlying cause of the illness and weaken the body further, even to the point of compromising quality and length of life. Complementary medicine searches for and addresses underlying imbalances that weaken your system and contribute to development of disease. 

Your immune system fights cancer at many stages of its development, repairing, reversing, and killing cancer cells before they proliferate. The key is whether your immune system can identify and overcome cancer. What regulates and inhibits creation and growth of cancer cells? What is the paradox between latent and killing cancer?  

Prostate cancer exists in 31% of men age 30-39 and 34% of men age 40-49, often latent and undetected. Critical factors are how long and how fast cancer grows before it overwhelms the body and is detected. 

We need to approach cancer as a chronic, degenerative disease. It can take 20-30 years for cancer to become large enough to detect from the time your first cell becomes malignant. Factors affecting creation and growth of malignant cells in your body include nutrition (sugar, fat, alcohol, lack of fiber and nutrients), stress, smoking, lack of exercise, and exposure to hormones, pesticides, plastics, chemicals, and petrochemical products. Repeatedly experiencing these over time create major imbalances your body cannot handle, resulting in cancer. 

Carcinogens are part of your daily life. Soaps, shampoos, cosmetics, skin and personal care products, and processed foods contain known carcinogens.  Semi- and permanent hair dye accounts for 30% of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in women. Red dye #3, a legal food additive, causes breast cells in a Petri dish to grow faster than does DDT, a known carcinogen. Cancer in some children has been linked to their parent’s exposure to petrochemicals and other environmental toxins. We need to eliminate the toxicity in our lives - physical, mental, and emotional.



Janice Polansky, MBA, MS, works with individuals who want to live a joyful, effective, peaceful life with optimum health. She helps individuals to make healthier food and lifestyle choices and increase self awareness to create healthier, more balanced, and fulfilling lives. Jan combines holistic, natural, Oriental understandings with Western, scientific approaches to health and healing to bring you a unique perspective for understanding how to improve your health and life. Jan has a background in health, natural foods, enzymes, herbs, energy medicine, macrobiotics, essential oils and Oriental medicine. She is certified in enzyme therapy with the Loomis Institute and has studied at the Natural Gourmet Institute for Food and Healing, Himalayan Institute, Vega Center, Kushi Institute, and Ann Wigmore Institute. She has a bachelor degree in chemistry and masters degrees in systems analysis and business from Carnegie Mellon University. Janice is a naturopath, Reiki master, and founder of Personal Health Dynamics. Jan provides seminars and consultations based on integrative medicine for individuals and companies to support to a healthier life and way of eating. For information, contact Personal Health Dynamics at 412-492-0767 or Jan@PersonalHealthDynamics.com.



Ó       Copyright  1998  Janice M. Polansky   Personal Health Dynamics

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